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Scopper was born from the meeting in the Bad Spirits laboratories between the desire to create a unique and sophisticated drink and the deliciousness of caramel.

The art of caramel certainly has ancient origins, but sugar was considered for centuries a luxury commodity reserved mainly for the wealthy classes, and only with the advent of industrialisation did it become more accessible.

Although the combination of sweet and salty was not new, the infusion of salt into caramel revolutionised its flavour profile.

Made famous by chefs and pastry chefs in the United States and Europe in the late 20th and early 21st centuries, this unexpected variant has gained popularity in recent years due to its unique balance of sweetness and savouriness.

The journey to the creation of Scopper was marked by extensive experimentation.

The ingredients – premium caramel and sea salt – were masterfully blended, resulting in a harmonious elixir that balances sweetness with a hint of salty complexity.

The name ‘Scopper’ is a combination of ‘S’ for Salt and ‘Copper’.

In fact, copper is a highly valued material in the kitchen: thanks to its excellent ability to distribute heat evenly, it allows for better management of the sugar caramelisation process.

The elegant packaging, embellished with notes of copper and bronze, reflects the richness of its contents and enhances the sensory preciousness of caramel.

Each sip of Scopper is an experience that evokes a sense of refined contrasts.

This innovative liqueur completely breaks the mould and has quickly gained a cult following among discerning connoisseurs, celebrated for its luxurious taste and versatility.

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks or as an addition to cocktails and desserts, Scopper has become synonymous with sophistication.

Its flavour is a testament to the marriage of tradition and innovation, captivating the palates of those seeking a truly remarkable sensory experience.


Tasting notes: sweet and savoury

Capacity: 700ml.

Alcoholic strength: 25% vol.

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